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CHERVONA powered by Preferred Liquor's, Inc.

Reserve Strength Vodka | 45% ABV (90 PROOF)

Reserve Strength Vodka | 45% ABV (90 PROOF)

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I came to this country in pursuit of the American Dream bearing a Ukrainian family recipe for a distinct spirit of purity and character. The result of this journey is CHERVONA - a premium vodka reborn in America.
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What's the difference between a flavored vodka and an Infused one?

Flavored vodka has flavor additives that could be natural or artificiala; my vodka is infused with natural cranberries.

Do you add any sugar to the vodka?

No. There are only two ingredients in that bottle: Premium American Vodka and natural cranberries.

How do you recommend drinking your Infused Vodka?

On ice with a lime. Shoot it. Mix into your favourite cocktails like Cran Vodka, COSMO, a Cranberry Martini, or even with any sparkling water.

Does it have a shelf life?

It will be absolutely fine for 6 months. Keep it away from direct sun. Because it is naturally infused; it will fade if it stays under sunlight for too long.

Should it be stored in a freezer?

No. A good vodka shouldn't be in a freezer. You can sip my vodka at room temperature or slightly chilled in order to enjoy the taste and light cranberry aroma.

What does CHERVONA mean?

CHERVONA means the color red in Ukrainian language.