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COSMOPOLITAN RTD Cocktail | 17% ABV | 20 Cocktails per box

COSMOPOLITAN RTD Cocktail | 17% ABV | 20 Cocktails per box

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Our COSMOPOLITAN substitutes cranberry juice (calories and sugar), with our Premium American Vodka infused with natural cranberries. This means that consumers drink significantly less calories and sugar, enjoy a natural taste, and a clean product.


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Is true that you only use your Infused Vodka in the cocktails?


Should the cocktails be stored in refrigerator?


Are the cocktails ready to drink as is?

Yes, they are ready to drink as is; just pour out of the box on ice. You can always squeeze a fresh lime in as well, but that's optional.

What is special about your cocktails?

Our Infused Vodka, which is the base, is the heart for all three recipes.

How many cocktails are in each box?

20. BTW, they are stronger than similar cocktails served at a bar which are usually 12%-14% ABV; CHERVONA's cocktails are 17% ABV